Favorite Maui Activities

If you've never been to Maui, you will discover one of the most special places on earth. You will find something for every taste. It can be it as simply relaxing on one of Maui's many beautiful beaches. Perhaps it's swimming in the natural pool at the bottom of a hidden jungle waterfall. You may enjoy the exhilaration of biking down a 10,000 foot volcano. Dance the night away in Lahaina, or quietly watch the sun set gently over the Pacific horizon.

Whatever you and your loved ones enjoy - you will find it in Maui.

Though we could go on and on about the many things to do, we'll share with you our list of personal favorite activities, simply suggestions, and then let you make your own discoveries as well during your personal Maui adventure. We hope you'll make your "home away from home" while in Maui. Aloha Maui's private condominium - Hoyochi Nikko #206 Reserve your space now!

Swim in a hidden jungle waterfall

This photo was taken at a hidden pool on the "Road to Hana". On the day this picture was taken, we swam for over an hour with no one else in sight. It was like having our own private jungle pool. You and your loved ones can be here too! Why not make it happen on your next vacation? We hope you'll choose to stay in our private condo soon and make your own happy Maui memories.

Learn to Surf

Yes, YOU can learn to surf! The waters offshore from our properties (both are pictured above) are often perfect for beginning surfers. We recommend getting a surfboard from Doug Stacy at West Maui Sports in Lahaina (808) 661-6252. If you are a beginner, he'll help you get the right board - ask for weekly rate specials. Also, in Lahaina, there are surf schools which GUARANTEE you'll be on your feet surfing - or you don't pay! It's great exercise - and it's fun!

Whale Watch

While having breakfast on the lanai one January, we watched in amazement as a massive humpback whale came roaring from the sea in a most spectacular fashion. Just like this photo, he broke the surface, rolled, and came crashing down with a tremendous splash that could have been seen for many miles. When he disappeared, we were filled with such a tremendous sense of awe for the beauty of these majestic creatures. You can view them directly from our unit - in season.

Bike down Haleakala Volcano

This excursion, when taken with a local tour company is EXPENSIVE! The published rate is typically $125 per person. Rather than spend this money, we simply rent bikes and a rack. Then we drive to the top of Haleakala. One in your party can then drive behind your bikers with hazard lights flashing (acting as a "safety" preventing the bikers from getting overrun), and follow the group to the bottom.

The bikers then glance behind and when more than 2 cars begin to back up behind our chase car, simply pull over on the side and let the cars pass. The passing cars typically give us a wave of gratitude, and go on their way, and we are free to move on without anybody behind us. We pull over when we feel like it for a snacks & drinks.

From the top to the bottom (to Paia) is about 35 miles - the longest downhill excursion in the world. You will have to pedal for only about :10 minutes of the approximately 3-4 hour trip.

If you do it like we do.. then the cost for 3 bikers + rack is about $125. A fraction of the cost of using a commercial tour operator.

The Haleakala park rangers inform us that there is absolutely no restriction prohibiting anyone from going downhill on their own. Just stay on the paved road and don't go free-wheeling it off-road is all they ask.

That's just how we do it. If you are more comfortable using a commercial tour operator - then go for it! Please, if you follow our example and then crash and burn - don't call your lawyer and sue us saying we told you to do this.... it's just how we do it and it's only a suggestion.

Visit Lahaina

Lahaina is "nightlife and restaurant" central! You'll enjoy strolling the seaside sidewalk and visiting a variety of great restaurants such as Planet Hollywood, Cheeseburger In Paradise, and Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company. Dance at Moose McGillycutty's. Take home an island memento from one of Lahaina's many shops - souvenirs, art, Maui coffee, and clothing are Lahaina specialties. Visit the Banyan Tree. All this in a wonderful "turn of the century" whaling village atmosphere. You'll appreciate that Lahaina is only a short 8-10 minute drive from Hoyochi Nikko #206.

Scuba Dive

There's lots of diving on Maui - easy shore dives, and exciting boat excursions. It's an undersea adventure with lots of beautiful marine life. During whale season, you can actually hear the whales singing underwater!

Visit Charles Lindbergh's Gravesite

Charles Lindbergh chose to make Maui his home during the final years of his life. He chose to live & die privately in the remote regions of Eastern Maui - near Hana. Though one of the most celebrated personalities of his era, his funeral was attended by only 12 people - including his wife and one representative from the press.

His gravesite is in a lovely hilltop setting overlooking the sea. Visitors are welcome, but please be respectful of the environment - it is a church and graveyard.

To find it, you'll need to find the Palapala Hoomau Congregational Church. His grave is on the grounds there. Good luck!

Tour Maui by Helicopter

Depending on the trip you choose, you'll see Maui or the other islands via Blue Hawaiians fleet of ECO-Star & ASTAR helicopters. These helicopters are flown for their unsurpassed safety record, their incredible views, quietness, and space within the cabin. They are quiet and comfortable!

A helicopter tour gives you the sense of gently soaring, bird-like, over areas which are absolutely inaccessible to land vehicles. Depending on the tour you select, you'll see volcanoes, rainforests, hidden waterfalls, sheer cliffs, maybe even a whale or two!